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Jack Dandy
"my momma forgot to breast feed me... is that a sign of delinquincy?   I didn't think so!" is emblazened on the front of this awesome T-Shirt and will surely draw a ton of attention!

The back is labeled with our PHUCIPHINOTM logo!

Sign Of Dreams
"My asshole is sweating ... that's a sign of dreams" is on the chest of this T-Shirt keeping people asking ... huh?!

The back is labeled with our PHUCIPHINOTM logo so when they ask what your shirt means just spin around to answer them!


Jack Dandy had some strange jobs before he got busted and working at the Port O Potty was one of them!   Proudly display your twisted sense of humor...


Main Entry: PHUC-IPH-I-NO  Pronunciation: PHUC (Fuck) IPH (if) I NO (I know)
The polite way to say it (in disguise): Few-se-feeno... that will keep 'em guessing!
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